Jail Bird - Winky presents

Winky the Clown is an influential political activist who occasionally agrees to be a commercial host for important events. If Winky is involved, the people of St. Canard know it is important. In that sense, Winky's popularity has no equal.



Winky is a professional spokesman, orator, and host, who goes at his business in the guise of a clown. He has no trouble mixing the serious with the silly and having the two contrasting traits enhance each other.


As clown, Winky has to be silly and entertaining, but he calculatedly uses this persona to get more serious matters across to a large audience.


Winky only shows himself in clown getup, which includes a billpiece of buckteeth and a round nose, a wig with two puffs of hair on the sides of his head, and a colorful outfit with puffy three-quarter pants. The bushy eyebrows appear to be his own.



Winky the Clown stars in an advertisement for the Mystic Eye of Quackzalcoatl on display at the museum. He offers a free cat polisher to all who come to see it. Winky's personal appearance at the museum inspires Darkwing Duck to make guarding the gem his personal duty. Jail Bird Launchpad compares the line at the comic book convention to the line for Winky's lecture on the military industrial complex. Paint Misbehavin'


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