Disney Adventures
Writing Scott Saavedra
Pencils John Costanza
Inks Dave Hunt
Colors Valerie Dal Chele
Letters John Costanza
Issue 4-11
Date August 1994
Page(s) 1
Story code KJZ 155
Double Scoop, Double Take The Legend of the Chaos God

"What Goes Around!" is the 24th of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


Negaduck and Tuskerninni are playing Go Fish. They are not hiding that they are both cheating and after much frustration because the game does not progress at all, Negaduck remarks that at least one of them has to start playing fair.




  • Darkwing Duck was featured on the cover of issue #4-11 of Disney Adventures for the third and final time of the magazine's run.

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