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Tuskernini is a recurring villain from Darkwing Duck. An anthropomorphic walrus, his schemes always revolve around films and film-making. He also has a gang of penguin minions who follow him and do his bidding. One interesting characteristic of his is that he usually plays dumb, pretending he is either reformed or nothing doing anything wrong, only to reveal his scheme when the heroes are out of his way.

He is voiced by Kenneth Mars.


  • Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan
  • Adopt-a-Con
  • Film Flam
  • A Duck by Any Other Name
  • Slaves to Fashion
  • Time and Punishment (cameo)
  • The Duck Knight Returns, Part 4 -Taurus Bulba's biopic was made by Tuskernini Productions.
  • Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Part 4 - Tuskernini was beaten and captured by Darkwarrior Duck along with Professor Moliarty
  • F.O.W.L. Disposition, Part 3 - Steelbeak called the walrus robot a 'Tuskernini knockoff'.
  • Campaign Carnage, Part 3 - Tuskernini appeared as a member of the League of Barely Remembered Supervillains, attacking Darkwing with a movie camera that shot lasers.  Ironically, Tuskernini was the only villain Darkwing did not remember, despite Tuskernini having been in more episodes than the other Leaguers and having been mentioned all the previous comics.  He was revealed to have been an illusion made by Suff-Rage.


  • The franchise is 50/50 on whether the name is spelled "Tuskernini" or "Tuskerninni". The article uses "Tuskernini" because that was the spelling used in "Adopt-a-Con". Examples of uses of "Tuskerninni" include the TurboGrafx-16 game and the Playmates Toys figurine.

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