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Darkwing Duck
Tiff of the Titans
Writer Len Uhley
Story editor Kevin Crosby Hopps
Animation studio WDA Australia
Episode 72: Season 2, Episode 07
Date October 19, 1991
Production code 4308-032
Something Fishy premiere Calm a Chameleon
Jurassic Jumble production Paraducks


Gizmoduck is asked by the army to protect a weapon displayed at the St. Canard Air Show. When Gizmoduck gets a hero's welcome in St Canard, Darkwing Duck becomes very jealous, at the same time Steelbeak plots to steel the new weapon while framing Darkwing. Gizmoduck and Darkwing must team up to defeat Steelbeak.


At the end of this episode, Steelbeak is seen for a moment standing in the back of the police truck with his hands behind his back as if he was handcuffed. Yet, when the vehicle drives off, he puts his hands around the window bars! Also, the vehicle's back door was open long enough to make a mistake. If he wasn't handcuffed, why didn't he just escape, presuming no armed guards, police, etc, weren't around?


  • This is Gizmoduck's introduction, but due to episodes being aired out of order Gizmoduck appeared in 4 previous episodes.
  • This is the final appearance of Gizmoduck on this series.
  • This is the second episode Fenton, Gizmoduck alter ego, is shown.

Scrooge McDuck, Gizmoduck's employer from Ducktales, appears on the "Welcome to Duckburg" sign Gizmoduck passes on his way to St. Canard. This episode was released on Walt Disney home video titled The Birth of Negaduck.


Gizmoduck: If you're not a criminal, how come you're wearing a mask?

Darkwing: Hey-hey-hey, let's not get personal, helmet-head!

Gizmoduck: It came with the outfit!

Steelbeak: (Disguised as Darkwing) I am the stinkbug that stains your windshield! I am the cotton swab that gets stuck in your ear!

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