Darkwing Duck
Writer Peter Hastings
Story editor Tom Minton
Animation studio WDA Australia
Episode 78: Season 2, Episode 13
Date November 30, 1991
Production code 4308-035
A Brush with Oblivion premiere Monsters R Us
Film Flam production Comic Book Capers

The Merchant of Menace is an episode. It is the only appearance of Weasel Loman.


When Quackerware comes to life, SHUSH thinks Herb Muddlefoot is behind it!! Drake investigates by joining in on Herb's Quackerware sales route.

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"We're so lucky, Launchpad. As worldclass crimefighters, we can escape the drudgery of the domesticated dwellers that surround us."
— Drake does alliteration.
  • Darkwing: "Yikes.Grizlikoff.This is a job for...(Wents in a treetrunk and changes into his Darkwing Duck uniform.)The terror that flaps in the night."
  • Grizlikoff: "Darkwing Duck.This is my case.”
(Suddenly Weasel raced to his car and drives away.)
  • Grizlikoff: "Oh.You're right."
  • Darkwing: "You better believe it.Now c'mon.Let's put our differences aside and work toge..."
(Darkwing suddenly realized that Grizlikoff has gotten in the ice cream truck already.)
  • Darkwing: "Grizlikoff.Can you believe that guy."





  • The original name in the show bible for this episode is "Smooth Sale-ing".