Darkwing Duck
Writer Bill Motz
Bob Roth
Story editor Doug Langdale
Animation studio Sunwoo Entertainment
Episode 84: Season 3, Episode 06
Date October 17, 1992
Production code 4308-091
Steerminator premiere Paint Misbehavin'
Paint Misbehavin' production Hot Spells


After Gosalyn is exposed to a new weapon, 3 new beings are created, all of which look like Gosalyn. Unable to stop the new beings, Darkwing enlists Megavolt's help.

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Gosalyn: I don't get it. How's a magnet gonna get rid of those guys?

(Megavolt gives a cry of anguish and pulls at his hat.)

Megvolt: (Angrily.) Questions! Questions!

(Megavolt shakes fist at Gosalyn and leans in to her.)

Megavolt: Why must you doubt me?! You drive me mad! Mad I tell you! MAD!

Gosalyn: That's the first time I've asked...

Megavolt: (Looks startled.) Oh.

Megavolt: Well the magnet will interpolate the hyper static matrix to a random configuration.
Megavolt: (Hums the Darkwing Duck theme) Ahh! I can't get that stupid tune out of my head!


  • While Megavolt flies a kite, he was seen humming the Darkwing Duck Theme Song.


  • The game is set up like the original Donkey Kong.