The Disney Afternoon
Writing Paul S. Newman
Pencils Walter Carzon
Inks Michael James
Colors  ???
Letters  ???
Issue 10
Date August 1995
Page(s) 19
Story code M TDA 10-A
A Picnic Is No Picnic Kitchen Clean-Up

"The Big Snooze" is the 13th of 13 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the The Disney Afternoon magazine.


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  • "The Big Snooze" is a play on The Big Sleep, a 1939 crime novel adapted to adapted to film twice. The play-title "The Big Snooze" was used in 1946 for a Looney Tunes short.
  • Sharee Rock is named after Sharon Stone, a 20th century actress who acquired international recognition for her role in Basic Instinct, which Sharee's movie Basic Ingredients is a parody of.


  • This comic marks the first appearance of Sharee Rock.

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