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Darkwing Duck
Writer Tad Stones
Dev Ross
Story editor Tad Stones
Animation studio Hanho Heung-Up Co., Ltd
Episode 83: Season 3, Episode 05
Date October 10, 1992
Production code 4308-089
Star Crossed Circuits premiere The Frequency Fiends
Star Crossed Circuits production Paint Misbehavin'

Steerminator is an episode of the finale season.


Taurus Bulba returns as a cyborg. F.O.W.L. rebuilds Taurus Bulba into a death machine, hoping to create a new agent from him. Bulba refuses their offer and burns only with the desire to have revenge on Darkwing. To make matters worse, a recent accident has Darkwing in a wheelchair. Can he defeat a new and improved Terminator machine in his condition?




  • Taurus Bulba's desire for revenge on Darkwing Duck and familiarity with Gosalyn are based in the events of "Darkly Dawns the Duck".
  • It is established that Steelbeak owes his beak to F.O.W.L.'s handiwork.



  • How does Darkwing know about Bulba's secret base? Nothing of the sort was even hinted to exist in "Darkly Dawns the Duck".
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