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Darkwing Duck
Writer Tad Stones & Dev Ross
Story editor Tad Stones
Episode {{{epabs}}}: Season 3, Episode {{{eprel}}}
Date October 10, 1992
Production code 4308-089
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Steerminator is an episode of the finale season.


Taurus Bulba returns as a cyborg. F.O.W.L. rebuilds Taurus Bulba into a death machine, hoping to create a new agent from him. Bulba refuses their offer and burns only with the desire to have revenge on Darkwing. To make matters worse, a recent accident has Darkwing in a wheelchair. Can he defeat a new and improved Terminator machine in his condition?


  • Though the series never showed us what happened to Taurus Bulba (on account that the series was not renewed for a fourth season), in 2010, a Darkwing Duck comic book started to be published (which is seen as the continuation of the animated series), where the first story arc, The Duck Knight Returns, reveals what happened to Taurus Bulba after he got away (he became the CEO of an enterprise called Quackwerks, who seized control over all of St. Canard), leading to the final showdown between Darkwing and Bulba, which would have happened if the series had not been cancelled.
  • Final appearance of Honker, F.O.W.L. agency, Steelbeak and Taurus Bullba.
  • This episode leaves us in a bit of a cliffhanger, that was to be resolved in season 4, but since ABC and Disney cancelled the contract that included Darkwing among others, Season 4 never saw the light of day, leaving us to wonder what happens next in the showdown between D.W. and his ultimate enemy.

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