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Boom Studios 05 - Chief of Police declares

The St. Canard Chief of Police is a high ranking official at the police department of St. Canard.



Presumably a long-serving police agent, the Chief of Police has made the necessary promotions to become the spokesperson of choice when the police department has something to say to the public. He is either a colleague of or the successor to the other chief.


The St. Canard Chief of Police believes in a thorough investigation before pointing fingers, but is still burdened with a level of naïveté that makes him susceptible to wrong conclusions.


The chief is a dognose-like dog with light beige skin, white hair up in a tuft, and thick blue-grey glasses. He isn't one for uniforms and goes dressed in formal wear with tie and trenchcoat.


Boom Studios! comics

In response to the "Darkwings" spreading chaos in St. Canard, the Chief of Police organizes a press conference to declare Darkwing Duck Public Enemy Number One. Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Part 1

Joe Books comics

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Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Part 1


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