Spike is Bushroot's pet and assistant. He behaves much like a dog and resembles an overgrown Venus flytrap. A recurring theme involves Spike to be chemically altered making him either smaller or larger than usual. In "The Incredible Bulk", he secretly helped Darkwing and Launchpad because he was jealous of the attention Bushroot was giving Daisy instead of him. Bushroot later remarked in that episode that he found Spike dependable, much to the plant's pleasure.

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Campaign Carnage, Part 3


  • Spike's continued role in the cartoon series comes from development of "Night of the Living Spud". The episode's proto-script, from when it was still called "Howl of the Potato", makes mention of an assistant of Bushroot named Eb, who was to be a regular person. Presumably, what happened is that the writers wanted to create continuity with "Beauty and the Beet" and brought back Spike as assistant at the cost of new character.[1]


  1. "Howl of the Potato" on The Old Haunt

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