Playmates Toys - Quack Copter art

The Quack Copter is a one-man mini-helicopter owned by Darkwing Duck. Its wheels suggest it is a hybrid vessel that is useable on roads too.


  • The Quack Copter is pseudo-canon at best. It was to be the high price point item of the second wave of the Darkwing Duck line by Playmates Toys, but because that ultimately went unproduced, so did the Quack Copter, and it has no existence in any fiction published, unless it would be inspired by the Quack Cycle. It is similarly unknown where the Quack Copter originates; with Playmates Toys or with the cartoon crew, either discarded or meant for an episode eventually not produced due to the show ending.
  • Playmates Toys's second wave was cancelled at the very last moment, meaning preparational work had already been done. Mike Lemos has drawn the packaging art for the Quack Copter.[1]


  1. Quack Copter art created and uploaded by Mike Lemos

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