Ghoul of My Dreams - Nodoff smirks in defeat

Nodoff is the ruler of Dream World and possibly the being known elsewhere as the Sandman. Within the Dream World, Nodoff is omnipotent. All he can imagine, he can accomplish. In any other dimension, however, he has no powers of note. This makes him vulnerable when outside, because he does not know his transdimensional limitations and is therefore prone to injure himself without his dream powers. Nodoff desires to have other beings join him in the Dream World to enact his trickery on and to accomplish this he has developed sleep sand.

He is voiced by Neil Ross.

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In Dream World Nodoff is limited only by his imagination. Among the things he can do is teleport, shapeshift, fly, and become intangible and invisible.


Nodoff is a trickster who revels in creating chaos as long as he is in control.



Ghoul of My Dreams

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