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Darkwing Duck
Writer Michael Maurer
Story editor Doug Langdale
Animation studio Sunwoo Entertainment
Episode 79: Season 3, Episode 01
Date September 12, 1992
Production code 4308-085
The Merchant of Menace premiere Inherit the Wimp
Inherit the Wimp production Star Crossed Circuits


Darkwing visits Morgana's father's house and meets her family, who are upset to find out that she is dating a normal. Will Darkwing survive his visit with the McCawber family?


When this and all other season 3 episodes originally aired on ABC, the theme song aired with a completely different set of images, consisting mostly of scenes from this season.

This is the first appearence of the McCawber family.


Moloculo: All right McCawbers, let's win one for the Grim Reaper.

Moloculo: This is it normal. This is where we seperate the men from the monsters.

Darkwolf: I'm ready for anything. What can a bunch of pitchfork toting yahoos possible do to Darkwolf Dog? (the villagers come over the hill with weapons, tanks, and bombers) Except bring about his untimely demise. Of course, I forgot about that one. Darkwolf: You've got to control your animal instincts, Launchpad. (sees a cat and chases it)

Darkwolf: Please keep in mind that burying your father could adversly affect your allowance.

Moloculo: McCawbers, we must make our ancestors proud. We must scream the impossible scream.

Darkwolf: I'll show those bratworst munching yahoos they can't mess with Darkwing...Darkwolf.

(Darkwing, Launchpad, and Gosalyn are walking out of the castle in their monster forms) Morgana: They're heading for the village! Moloculo: Well good riddance, I say...The Village! But we made a pact with the villagers. They stay on their side of the line and we stay on our side of the line. Morgana: You painted a line between the village and the castle. Oh, that's very mature.

Darkwolf: I've got a sudden urge to bite a mail man. Monster

Gosalyn: Oh yes. Check out the bolts in my neck! (she pulls out the bolts and her head falls off) Keen gear, I'm modular!

Darkwing: Stand back, Morgana. I'll protect you from these monstrosities. Morgana: That's no way to talk about my family. Darkwing: (gulps hard) Your family?

Darkwing: (open a door and bats fly out) Well, she's not in the batroom.

Morgana: (About Darkwolf) That conceited, arrogant, pig-headed... Gosalyn: Look, if you're that mad, why don't you just turn him into a water buffalo, or something? Morgana: No! I've got to make him see the wisdom of diplomacy! Gosalyn: Then turn him into a diplomatic water buffalo!

Darkwolf: Come on, guys. Time to work on our combat skills! Moloculo: Come, McCawbers. Time to brush up on our scare tactics! Morgana: Oooh, I'll convince them violence isn't the way if I have to kill them!

Darkwing: (As a werewolf) I am the terrier that yaps in the night. I am the schnauzer that digs up your petunias. I am Darkwolf Dog!

Moloculo: You know I don't approve of normals in my household, Morgana! Darkwing: Hey-hey, I'm not normal! Gosalyn: You can say that again!

Darkwolf: I think Morgana's upset. Moloculo : You should have seen her when she was stood up for the prom.

Morgana: (To her father) You're trying to scare Darkwing away! Well I won't let you! Darkwing: You should let your daughter choose her own company, she has impeccable taste. Moloculo: What she needs is a nice ghoulish boy! only then will she find true happiness! Darkwing: She doesn't want happiness, she wants me! That didn't sound quite right. Moloculo: She does not want you, she wants the finer things in life! to settle down in a dark, stinking castle, and raise a family of little monsters. Morgana: Actually, what I really want is- Moloculo & Darkwing: BE QUIET! Moloculo: I know what's best for my daughter, duck! Darkwing: Well, I don't think you do, Zombie!

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