Huey Dewey and Louie are Donald Duck's Nephews and Scrooge McDuck's Grandnephews.  They first appeared in The Donald Duck Comic Strip on October 10, 1937. They made their first animated appearance a year later in the Donald Duck cartoon titled Donald's Nephews.  They are the sons of Donald's sister Della.  On Duck Tales they are seen living with Scrooge and it has become established that Huey wears Red, Dewey wears Blue, and Louie wears Green.  On Quack Pack they appear as Teenagers and are living with Donald again.  On that show their personalities are slightly more Distinguishable and their real names are revealed to be Huebert (Huey), Deuteronomy (Dewey) and Louis (Louie).  The Nephews were deaged when they appeared on Mickey Mouse Works. They also appeared on House of Mouse as the music band called The Quackstreet Boys, The Splashing Pumpkins, and Quack Sabbath.  The Nephews appeared in the Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck comic book storyline Dangerous Currency in which they turned into monsters along with Honker Muddlefoot but they changed back eventually.

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Boom! Studios comics

The Duck Knight Returns, Part 4 Dangerous Currency

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