Darkwing Duck
Writer John Behnke
Rob Humphrey
Jim Peterson
Story editor Tad Stones
Animation studio Sunwoo Entertainment
Episode 86: Season 3, Episode 08
Date October 31, 1992
Production code 4308-092
Paint Misbehavin' premiere Fraudcast News
The Frequency Fiends production Mutantcy on the Bouncy


Darkwing and Gosalyn go with Morgana to her old magic alma mater, where Morgana is to present her paper on a profound magical breakthrough. While there, Gosalyn is allowed to participate in some classes because of her natural affinity for the unnatural; but quickly finds the underpinnings of magic, complex mathamatics, too boring for her tastes. Bored because getting used car salesmen and politicians  arent a challenge Bielzebub finds out about Darkwing and Gosalyn being at the school, and decides this is his chance to move up in the rankings of hell-by getting Darkwing Once and for all!

Gosalyn tries to find a short cut to learning magic without the hard math involved, but is hoodwinked into using forbidden spells when Beelzebub disguises himself as the school janitor. By using the forbidden spells she allows of Beelzebub to steal Darkwing's soul. Can Gosalyn and Morgana find some way into tricking him into letting Darkwing go?

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  • Morgana: Oh, Dark, don't you see? Dean McHex won't just be judging my paper, he'll be judging me! My demeanor, my style, my ability to think on my feet...

Darkwing: Gee, is there gonna be a swimsuit competition too?

  • Darkwing: (About Gosalyn) She may not be book smart, but she's got great imagination! Just ask her teacher...who ought to be released any day now.
  • Darkwing: What's this? The janitor's closet?

Morgana: It's...the library of forbidden spells. (Dramatic music) Gosalyn: So what's the library of forbidden spells? (Dramatic music) Darkwing: And is it gonna do that every time we say (Whispers) "library of forbidden spells"? (Dramatic music)

Darkwing: I am the water balloon that lands right on you head.



  • The Gulerian Taronga Gosalyn summons is modeled after Lena Hyena the way she appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The first name of the creature is from Greg Guler, the prop designer of Darkwing Duck, and the last name is from, a fan mailing list that Tad Stones was a member of.
  • The animated brooms Beelzebub yells at are the Magic Brooms from the 1940 Fantasia "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment.



  • This episode was not rebroadcast on Toon Disney following its original run because of the religious subject matter.

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