The Disney Afternoon
Writing Brian Swenlin
Pencils Walter Carzon
Inks Loretta Krol
Colors Ed Lazellari
Letters Dave Sharpe
Issue 07
Date May 1995
Page(s) 1
Story code M TDA 7-C
Bad Medicine Beating Beets

"Flower Power" is the 10th of 13 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the The Disney Afternoon magazine.


Inside Darkwing Tower, Launchpad can't find his paint supplies anywhere. Darkwing finds that Gosalyn and Honker act suspiciously, unaware that his motorcycle helmet has been aesthetically enhanced with cute yellow flowers.




  • Darkwing's motorcycle helmet is a different design than it usually is, lacking both visor ears.
  • Gosalyn's and Honker's legs have the same color as their feathers.

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