Donald in Dangerous Currency

Donald in "Dangerous Currency".

Donald Duck is Disney's Second most famous character. He first appeared in The Silly Symphony cartoon titled The Wise Little Hen.  He appeared in a few Mickey Mouse cartoons as a supporting character and then got his own headline cartoon. Some of Donald's supporting characters include his girlfriend Daisy Duck, his nephews Huey Dewey and Louie, his uncle Scrooge McDuck, his inventor friend Gyro Gearloose and many other characters.

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Donald lands a job at the navy, which means that he can no longer personally take care of Huey, Dewey and Louie. Therefore, he hands custody over to Scrooge McDuck, who is the only he entrusts them to. He does visit them when off-duty and Scrooge's financial influence allows him and the boys to visit Donald whenever they please. Through this, the family has stood together against various high level criminals, such as the Phantom Blot and Cinnamon Teal. DuckTales


A Star Is Scorned

Boom! Studios comics

Dangerous Currency, Part 2 Dangerous Currency, Part 3 Dangerous Currency, Part 4

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