Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck JoeBooks 7 cover
Writing Aaron Sparrow
James Silvani
Editing Jesse Post
Art James Silvani
Colors Andrew Dalhouse
Paul Little
Matt Herms
Letters Bradon DeStefano
Arc 05
Issue 07
Date January 25, 2017
Page(s) 22
St. Canard Comic Expo Fest-O-Rama The Definitively Dangerous Edition

Darkwing Duck Issue #7 is the seventh issue of the Darkwing Duck comic book published by Joe Books.


Part 1

St. Canard is in a spook-tacular mess when the Bride of Bushroot makes her move on a dark and stormy night: law-abiding citizens have been turned into shambling mind-controlled maniacs! DW swings into action, but to avert the apocalypse, he'll need help from a certain youngster with hours of scary movies under her belt.

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  • One of the trick-or-treaters mistakes Darkwing for the Duck Avenger, Donald Duck's superhero alter-ego created for Italian Disney comics.

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