General Information

Name of Community: Darkwing Duck Wiki
Who can participate here? Anyone who is enthusiastic about Darkwing Duck, able to respect the rules this wiki operates by, and at least 13 years old.
What is this wiki about? Darkwing Duck is a Disney franchise relying largely on the 1990s cartoon, which ran for three seasons and 91 episodes, and currently active as a comic book series by Joe Books, which follows on the comic book series by Boom! Studios published in 2010-2011. Darkwing Duck fits in the larger Donald Duck family of franchises and is especially close to its predecessor DuckTales.

Content Information

Is this topic reasonably considered family friendly? The cartoon is rated TV-Y7 and wavers between PG and PG-13. Most material is PG, but examples of PG-13 include "Dead Duck" and "Hot Spells", which respectively feature the Grim Reaper and Beelzebub. A few onscreen deaths occur too, such as in "Heavy Mental" and "Paint Misbehavin'", but most violence is slapstick exaggerated cartoon violence with no lasting consequences.

The Boom! Studios comics are on average of darker tone, but still family friendly. For the "Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition" reprint of these comics by Joe Books, the language has been redone to accommodate the younger audience, such as the removal of one swear word in "The Duck Knight Returns, Part 3". A working list of potential offensive material can be found here. All other Darkwing Duck fiction is of similar or lower rating. The wiki strives to be fit for the same public as the cartoon and comics aim for.

Parental Advice: It is always wise to know what children are engaging with and why, so parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the basics of Darkwing Duck, especially the aforementioned harsher material.
Age Range: Darkwing Duck is meant to work for all ages, and holds up very well, with a focus on a young audience.

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