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Welcome to The Darkwing Duck Wiki

Joe Books 05 - cover 5A
The fifth issue of the new Joe Books run of Darkwing Duck comics is out now!
The Terror that Flaps in the Night is back in this all-new, ongoing comic series!
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The Darkwing Duck Wiki is a collaborative attempt to document everything related to Darkwing Duck, an early '90s American franchise by The Walt Disney Company that spun off from DuckTales. It primarily exists as a cartoon, but there are comics, including an ongoing series, and other media too. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database by and for fans of Darkwing Duck.

Featured article

Boom Studios 06 - Quiverwing Duck
Quiverwing Duck is a "Darkwing" with significantly less issues of arrogance than his peers. In times past, Quiverwing Duck was Darkwing Duck, a detective-type vigilante who fought crime alongside Quiverwing Quack. Upon Quiverwing Quack's death, Darkwing honored her by becoming Quiverwing Duck and adopting her archery methods. Whether innate or a result of the tragedy, Quiverwing Duck possesses high mental discipline that allows him to maintain a clear thought process in stressful situations and resist mind control to a small degree.


Boom Studios 12 - cover 12A

Darkwing Duck shines due to its rich cast of memorable and diverse characters. The main five are Darkwing Duck, also known as Drake Mallard, a superhero striving both to make the world a better place and keep the spotlight on him, his adopted daughter Gosalyn Mallard, who will always only do what she wants and what she believes to be the right thing, Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing's accident-prone but good-natured sidekick and third member of the Mallard household, Honker Muddlefoot, a youth genius living next door and best friend of Gosalyn, and Morgana Macawber, a powerful witch turned hero and romantic partner of Darkwing.

In addition to this unconventional family, St. Canard is home to many heroes, and even more villains. Some are demons, several mutants, a bunch aliens, some monsters, a few cyborgs, others robots, and anyone who somehow escapes these categories still has much to offer to the story. Keep your eyes open for the occasional visitor from Duckburg too!


Darkwing Duck began existence as an animated television series produced by The Walt Disney Company that ran from 1991-1995 and 1996-1997 on both the syndicated programming block The Disney Afternoon and Saturday mornings on ABC. It featured an eponymous superhero anthropomorphic duck with the alter ego of Drake Mallard. It was the first spinoff of DuckTales and the first Disney series to not feature any characters with comic book history prior. Following the '90s, the franchise went into a slumber to be revived in the '10s with a comic book series by Boom! Studios. This came to an end due to license issues, but the series was picked up by Joe Books in 2015 and properly launched in 2016.

Cartoon (1991-1992) Merchandise (1992-2013)
Disney on Ice (1991-1997) Video games (1992-2010)
Disney Comics (1991-1992) Disney Europe (1992-1999)
Disney Adventures (1992-1996) Disney Afternoon (1994-1995)
Boom! Studios (2010-2011) Joe Books (2015-ongoing)


  • Femme Appeal may or may not have a daughter.
  • Darkwing Duck is the result of two failures to understand intellectual property, the first regarding The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and the second regarding the 00- classification of James Bond.
  • The illustrated book adaption of "Dirty Money" is called "Clean Money".


  • April 27, 2016: The Joe Books comic series has been greenlighted again after being put on hold due to Disney's development of a new DuckTales cartoon and potential plans for more Duckverse revisits.
  • August 28, 2016: The fifth issue is out now.
  • January 2017: The DuckTales/Darkwing Duck series of the 3D Foam Key Ring: Disney Series is available.


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