Darkwing Duck
Boom Studios A11 - cover A11A
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Arc Annual
Issue Annual
Date March 03, 2011
Page(s) 24 / 8
Crisis on Infinite Darkwings F.O.W.L. Disposition

The Darkwing Duck Annual was released on March 3, 2011 by Boom! Studios. It contains two stories: "Toy with Me" and "The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle", and a 4-page article by Tad Stones called "The Origin(s) of Darkwing Duck", which is about the development of the franchise.


Toy with Me

Main article: Toy with Me

Quackerjack intends to take revenge on Whiffle Boy Entertainment by turning the entire userbase of World of Whiffle Boy into toys with the molecular digitizer. Darkwing Duck gets on his trail and theorizes that a reunion with Mr. Banana Brain might help Quackerjack come to his senses. Fortunately, someone has just put the doll up for auction. Unfortunately, Darkwing loses the auction. He follows the package to the home of Claire, Quackerjack's once-girlfriend, who asks that he will do all in his power to bring Quackerjack home to her. Darkwing gives his word. A news bulletin on the situation at Whiffle Boy Entertainment provides Darkwing with his final destination. Quackerjack has New New Mr. Banana Brain these days and rejects Mr. Banana Brain, but the molecular digitizer accidentally brings both dolls to life. They fight over Quackerjack and Darkwing barely saves the villain. Defeated and drained, Quackerjack escapes to return to Claire and toy-ify himself on her doorstep.

The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle

Main article: The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle

While scouting for a fitting pet for Gosalyn, Drake proposes she gets a turtle for their in-built armor. He picks one out for her, but is accosted by a man who claims the turtle as his own possession. Drake gets into an argument with him and Gosalyn learns what makes the turtle a point of interest in the meantime: he is the Time Turtle, a turtle so slow it does not keep up with the passing of time and can tap directly in the chronoplasm to travel through time. The Time Turtle takes Gosalyn to the future to show her Darkwing's downfall when fighting the man, Chronoduck. Properly warned, he brings her back and is abducted by the man, whom Darkwing fails to stop. Gosalyn fetches a bungee cord and joins Darkwing on his case. When next Darkwing fights Chronoduck, it is the fight from Gosalyn's future view. This time, she has a bungee cord with her to save her father and ensure Chronoduck's defeat.


Boom Studios A11 - cover A11A
Boom Studios A11 - cover A11B
Boom Studios A11 - cover A11C
Annual 2011 Cover A
James Silvani
Amy Mebberson
Annual 2011 Cover B
James Silvani
Amy Mebberson
Annual 2011 Cover C
Tad Stones & James Silvani
Andrew Dalhouse





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