Colossal Comics Collection was a bimonthly magazine mainly containing reprints of Disney Afternoon comic stories previously published elsewhere, usually in Disney Adventures. Each issue contains an average of six separate stories. It was published by Disney Comics, which went out of business in May of 1993, meaning only ten issues were released since the launch in October of 1991.

While there were a handful of stories original to the Colossal Comics Collection, or at least on American soil, all Darkwing Duck comic stories were reprints. The three sources used by the Colossal Comics Collection are the aforementioned Disney Adventures and the Disney Comics duo "Brawl in the Family" and "Just Us Justice Ducks". They appeared from issue #4, published in July 1992, to issue #10, available in April 1993.

Darkwing Duck comics

Title Issue Date Source
"Brawl in the Family" 04 July 1992 Darkwing Duck
"Just Us Justice Ducks" 05 September 1992 Cartoon Tales #7
"Let's Get Fiscal!" 07 December 1992 Disney Adventures #2-01
"Turnabout Is F.O.W.L. Play" 07 December 1992 Disney Adventures #2-04
"Salad Daze!" 08 January 1993 Disney Adventures #2-06
"Sara's Invention" 08 January 1993 Disney Adventures #2-07
"Slip, Slidin', Away" 09 March 1993 Disney Adventures #2-10
"Hero for a Day" 10 April 1993 Disney Adventures #2-12

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