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Darkwing Duck
Writer Dean Stefan
Story editor Carter Crocker
Animation studio WDA Japan
Episode 73: Season 2, Episode 08
Date October 26, 1991
Production code 4308-030
Tiff of the Titans premiere Battle of the Brainteasers
Bearskin Thug production Jurassic Jumble


A brilliant loner Camille Chameleon has the ability to change her form by blending into backgrounds as part of her plan to control Howl Publishing Empire and become a counterfeiter. In the process she captures Darkwing Duck. Darkwing and Honker Muddlefoot defeat her by forcing her to change her shape so many times to "blend in" that she ends up as a real Chameleon.

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"Now what, DW?"
"Now we implement the three W's of the stakeout: We wait, we watch, and we whittle!"
- Launchpad and Darkwing
"Honker? is that you?"
"Honker's a wimp name. Call me Speck."
"And Speck's not a wimp name?"
- Gosalyn and HonkerSpeck

Darkwing: I am the substantial and inescapable penalty for early withdrawal!

Camille: Now there's nothing standing between me and unspeakable wealth...with the exception of two tons of steel.




  • Darkwing's chair set is missing when Drake trips and crashes into the wall.
  • Gosalyn's eyes are weird when she watches television.
  • Darkwing's cape is pink on the collar just after the bomb goes off.

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