Darkwing Duck
Writer Gary Klein
Dean Stefan
Story editor Carter Crocker
Animation studio Sunwoo Entertainment
Episode 75: Season 2, Episode 10
Date November 9, 1991
Production code 4308-038
Battle of the Brainteasers premiere Going Nowhere Fast
Slaves to Fashion production Cleanliness Is Next to Badliness

Bad Tidings is an episode.


F.O.W.L. is at it again! This time, the fiendish organization is in control of the tides themselves. J. Gander Hooter teams up Darkwing and Grizzlikof to foil the plot, and they end up fighting amongst themselves rather than getting to the bottom of things.

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  • Darkwing has swum the [English] Channel twice, while wearing a straightjacket. This has made him a very fast swimmer.



  • The original name in the script for this episode is "Bad Vibrations".

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