The Disney Afternoon
Writing Janet Gilbert
Pencils Walter Carzon
Inks Matt Maley
Colors Ed Lazellari
Letters Dave Sharpe
Issue 09
Date July 1995
Page(s) 1
Story code M TDA 9-B
Beating Beets The Big Snooze

"A Picnic Is No Picnic" is the 12th of 13 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the The Disney Afternoon magazine.


Darkwing takes Gosalyn on a day out for a picnic. While Gosalyn enjoys herself from start to finish, Darkwing packs and carries the heavy basket, drags it from the Ratcatcher to a canoe they hire, rows the canoe to a nice spot, and then carries the basket up a hill to have a nice view when they sit down. By the time they get to eat, Darkwing is too exhausted to move.




  • Why is Darkwing taking Gosalyn on a day out in full crimefighter attire and not in his civilian clothes?

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